History Of American Literature Timeline

The body of published literature created with in English language inside the Us States is known as American literature. History of American literature timeline: The history of  country that generated it shaped American literature, as it did other national literatures. For over a century & a half, America was nothing more than a collection of colonies along eastern seaboard of a North American continent, from which a few brave men went westward. America formed the United Us, a nation, after a victorious insurrection against the motherland. 

History Of American Literature Timeline

History of American literature timeline, this nation had expanded northward towards the 49th parallel southward ,to the Gulf of Mexico , & western to the Pacific by the late nineteenth century. By the end of the nineteenth century, Japan had established itself as one of the world’s great powers, with its fortunes so intertwined with those of other countries that it was inexorably drawn into two global wars & following these conflicts, the crises of Europe and East Asia. Meanwhile, the advancement of science & industry, and also shifts in people’s attitudes and feelings, resulted in numerous changes in people’s lives. The poetry of the U. S. was shaped by all of these aspects in the country’s growth.

History Of American Literature Timeline :The Seventeenth Century

The arrival of British Europeans in what became the Us’ marks the beginning of the history of American literature. Initially, American literature was a colonial literature, written by Englishmen who thought and wrote in English. A soldier of fortune named John Smith is credited with starting American literature. A True Relation of…Virginia…(1608) & he General History of New England, Virginia,  & the Summer Isles were two of his most important works (1624). 

History of American literature timeline Although these books frequently praised their author, they had ostensibly designed to inform Englishmen about colonization potential. Daniel Denton’s Brief Account of York City (1670), William Penn’s Brief Description of the County of Pennsylvania (1682), & Thomas Ashe’s Carolina (1682) were just a few of many books promoting America as a place of economic promise.

History Of American Literature Timeline :The Eighteenth Century

Some authors, including Cotton Mather, continued the earlier traditions in America during  the 18th century. Magnolia Christi Americana, a massive history & history of Puritan New England published in 1702, and his zealous ad Ministerium Manuduction  or intro to the ministry, published in 1726, were both defenders of historic Puritan views. In his powerful sermons and, most notably, in the philosophical accord, Freedom of Will, Jonathan Edwards, the founder of the Glorious Revolution, a religious remake that shook the eastern seacoast for several years, articulately defended his combustion belief in Calvinistic doctrine—the  totally depraved, born concept that man, could attain virtue & salvation only through God’s grace— (1754). He backed up his statements with a complicated metaphysical theory and excellent reasoning in straightforward & often  prose.

Thomas Paine moved from England to Philadelphia, where he worked as a magazine editor before becoming the most successful propagandist for the colony cause 14 months later. His pamphlet Basic Logic (January 1776) had a significant impact on the colonies’ decision to declare independence. The American Crisis documents (December 1776–December 1783) inspired Americans to continue fighting even during the war’s darkest years.

History of American literature timeline , They depicted the fight as a rousing melodrama, pitting the angelic colonist against the powers of evil, based on Paine’s simplistic deistic ideas. Such black-and-white depictions were extremely effective propaganda. Paine’s artistic zeal, which figured prominently in impassioned words & phrases that were long remembered and cited, was another cause for his popularity.

History of American literature timeline :Franklin, who was born in 1706, began publishing his works in his brother’s journal, the England Courant, in 1722. The “Leather Apron” guy and the farmer were championed by this journal, which spoke to them using simple language and practical ideas. Both the famous Poor Richard’s almanack, which Franklin modified between 1732 & 1757 and was filled with prudent & witty aphorisms purportedly authored by uneducated but skilled Richard Saunders, and the author’s Autobiography, written among 1771 & 1788, a register of his rise from humble situations that provided worldly wise ideas for future success, reflected the idea that rational thinking was a good guide.

Franklin’s profound and broad self-acquired culture provided substance and talent to a variety of essays, pamphlets, and reports he published about the disagreement with Britain, many of which were extraordinarily effective in expressing and defining the colonists’ case.

History Of American Literature Timeline :During This Time, There Were A Number Of Notable Works.

History of American literature timeline :Poets and poetry are two terms that are often used interchangeably.

During American Revolution, poetry became a weapon, with both loyalists & Continentals urging their troops on, declaring their arguments, and honoring their champions in verse and songs like “Yankee Doodle,” “Nathan Hale,” and “The Epilogue,” which were mostly set to famous British melodies & written in a style similar to other British poetry of the time.

Philip Freneau was the most famous American poet of the time, whose earliest well-known songs, Revolutionary War satires, were effective propaganda; later, he switched to many facets of the American scene. Although he wrote in the Neoclassical style, poems like “The Indian Burying Ground,” “The Wild Honey Suckle,” “To a Katy-did,” and “On a Honey Bee” were love lyrics of great grace and heart that have been forerunners of  literary genre that would be significant in the nineteenth century.

History Of American Literature Timeline :The Novel And The Drama

History Of American Literature Timeline

Dramas & novels of historical significance were produced in the years leading up to the end of the 18th century. Despite the fact that theatre organizations had existed in America for a long time, Royall Tyler’s Contrast was the first professional American comedy (1787). This drama had echoes of Goldsmith & Sheridan, but it also had  Yankee characters (the forerunner of many more to come in the years ahead) who added something unique to the stage.

History Of American Literature Timeline :The Nineteenth Century

History Of American Literature: After the American Revolution, & especially after the War of 1812, American authors had been urged to create truly indigenous literature. Four well-known authors appeared, almost as if in retaliation. A tremendous half-century of literary development was launched by William Cullen Bryant, James Fenimore. Cooper Washington Irving , & Edgar Allan Poe.