Untold Black History: Barrack Obama

Untold black history: Born in 4 August, 1961 in Kapiolani, Hawaii. Before becoming President Obama had long political career as a community leaders and Senator.  He was a logical, intelligent leader who believed that he was fighting for the people and didn’t take his position for granted.  A statesman and gentleman who was admired and respected by nations who weren’t on friendly terms with the U. S.  He was a calculated risk taker he didn’t believe in holding back when you truly felt you were on the right track. . Having become the first African American, Obama fulfilled the dream by Martin Luther King and through his character, he became the leader for the US and an example to other countries. In instances where the US became more polarized Obama was the one to be followed by the people (Jim, 2016). Based on American Psychological Association (2010), Obama’s leadership(untold black history) is greatly associated with leading the fight to protect Americans regardless where they come from, who they are, how they look like and who they are in love with, which he achieved through making the immigration system in the US safe and fair to investing in communities as well as tackling poverty. Obama further expanded opportunities for the disabled people as well as fought for more equitable and fairer criminal justice system aimed at advancing both equality and social progress in the lives of every Americans untold black history. To achieve efficiency in leadership, two examples are shown in how Obama achieved this. First, he unlocked the talents of more high-skilled immigrant workers, engineers and scientists and second, he acted on climate change, advancing clean energy as well as ensured environmental quality.