Basic american history facts: The White House was not occupied by the first u.s. president, but by John Adams and Abigail Adams. While Washington was responsible for overseeing the build of the mansion, he never actually lived there. When it was completed in 1800 it was the oldest building in the United States. Every president since Adams has made modifications and additions to the White House. Because, then again, they live there!

President Is The Most Dangerous Job In The Country: Basic American History Facts

basic american history facts: There is no more dangerous position in the U. S. than that of the president. Consider this: There have been 45 champions. It is worth noting that just four of these presidents were assassinated while in office: Abraham Lincoln (in 1865), John F. Kennedy (1963), James A. Garfield (1968), and William McKinley (in 1901).  One in five workers died in the accident at a rate of over 18 percent. With those kinds of figures, would users apply for a position like that?

basic american history facts

The Fourth Of July Didn’t Observe Independence Day

No, Congress voted to end British control on July 2, not July 2nd. However, John Hancock issued the Emancipation proclamation on the 4th of July to get the word out about the upcoming vote. The document announcing independence from British authority was signed by 56 persons.

The Authentic Declaration Of Independence Was Written In More Than One Hand.

Word of the Emancipation proclamation needed to be disseminated following its adoption. “The Committee of 5”: John Admas, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, and Robert R. Livingston were in charge of the text’s reproduction. Only 26 of the hundreds of copies that were produced are still in existence today. The majority of them are housed in institutions like museums and libraries. Three of them, on the other hand, are owned by individuals.

8 Of The 56 Signers Of The Declaration Were British

Eight of the 56 signatories to the Resolution of Independence from Great Britain were…Britishmen. Eight of the signatures were born outside of the United States, even though the majority were natives of the country. 2  seem to be from England, one was from Wales, two were from Scotland, two were from Ireland, and another one from Northern Ireland.

4.4 Pounds Of Garbage Are Being Thrown Away By The Average American Every Day

According to the most recent 2012 numbers from the Environmental Protection Agency, this is true. When you recognize the population of the United States, that means that almost 1.4 billion tonnes of waste are disposed of each day. Every day. People in this country are among the most squandering on the planet.

Cows Outnumber People In Several States

Humans, put your moosh aside. (We’re sorry, but we couldn’t resist.) The cows aren’t going anywhere. There are fewer humans than cattle in the eight states Vox cites as having a lower population of humans than cattle. The total number of cows in these states is 32,489,391. That’s more than a third of the total number of cows in the US.

Until Abraham Lincoln, The Tallest U.S. President

Six-foot-four-inches tall, or 193 cm, the 16th president was. James Madison was our shortest president. The height of the 4th president, who served from 1809 until 1817, was 163 cm, or 5 feet, 4 inches. Additionally, his weight was less than 100 kilograms at the time.

Ronald Reagan Was The Longest President To Serve

After serving as governor of California and as a Hollywood celebrity, Ronald Reagan became our 40th president at the age of 69 & served two full terms from 1981 to 1989. With his age and infirmity, however, our present president may have an advantage over FDR’s Great Communicator.

We Don’t Have A Lady Liberty In New York City

The Statute of Liberty, while appearing on a wide variety of New York City souvenirs, is truly not located in the Big Apple at all. Though it’s technically in the state of New Jersey, it’s located in Jersey City itself. Who would have guessed? In October 1886, France sent the copper monument to the U.s as a gift.

American’s Daily Pizza Consumption Is Estimated At 100 Acres

We are so fond of pizza that we eat 100 acres of it every day as a nation. Approximately 300 billion pizzas are sold each year in the good ol’ United States of America. In addition, 93% of Americans have eaten lunch in the last month, according to statistics which is one of the basic american history facts. During the Super Bowl, pizza delivery sales are at their highest. That’s as American as it gets!

With The World’s Longest Boardwalk, Atlantic City Is A Must-See Destination

Located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the boardwalk is the longest in the world. This was the 1st boardwalk in the U. S. when it opened in 1870. I tried to reduce the number of sand beach visitors brought into hotel lobbies and on the train, it was put in place. It’s now a 4.5-mile strip that’s home to a slew of casinos, hotels, and dining options.

The State Animal Of California Doesn’t Occur In California

Many numbers of brown bears could formerly be found in California before the mid-nineteenth century; in fact, they were so numerous that they were the official state animal. Today, there are no grizzlies.

In the mid-1800s, what changed? It was the state’s mining boom that you correctly predicted. Every grizzly bear in California was either captured or killed between then and 1922. The only thing it received was a mediocre flag.

Philadelphia Served as the country’s first capital

Washington, D.C. wasn’t always the capital of the United States. Because Washington, D.C., was under construction, Philadelphia was designated as the interim capital of the newly formed U.s under the terms of the Residence Act. The metropolis of Philadelphia still preserves several important historical landmarks from the early days of the United States.

Harvard Was The First American University To Open Its Doors To International Students: Basic American History Facts

Founded in 1636, the institution is located just across the Charles River near Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Speaking of which, here are 21 Items That Are More Difficult Than Getting Accepted to Harvard.

The Average Personal Debt In The United States Is $54,000.

Ouch! Here are a few additional stats that may be of interest to you. Nearly half of all Americans either are low-income or living in poverty at this time. According to the Bank Of New York, there are 167,000 Americans who owe more than $200,000. According to the Bureau of Labor And Statistics, the unemployment rate now stands at 4%.

The Wrestling Hall Of Fame Has Inducted Abraham Lincoln

This inducts the 16th president. Honest Abe won 299 of his 300 contested matches before he was elected president of the United States, and a Wrestling Hall of Fame only had one loss to account for.

The Secret Service Was Established On The Day Of Lincoln’s Assassination

President Abraham Lincoln was killed on April 14, 1865, just hours after he had signed legislation to establish the United States Secret Service. However, even if the Secret Service had been established in time, it would not have been able to save Lincoln because its initial mission was to prevent massive money fraud. To safeguard the president didn’t become its primary mission until 1901.

Despite Popular Belief, Paul Revere Never Said, “The British Were Coming!”

It is well-known that Revere’s historic ride in which it is stated that he yelled, “The British are coming!” has many holes in it, but it is still a well-known story. Since British troops were skulking in the Massachusetts countryside, the operation was designed to be silent and covert, according to The colonial Americans, on the other hand, still regarded themselves as British citizens. Anything but discreet would be shouting about an imminent invasion.

basic american history facts

During Prohibition, The United States Government Poisoned Its Citizens

Basic american history facts: You’ve probably heard stories about the wacky ways in which prohibition laws were enforced, but it appears that the United States government poisoned booze to discourage consumption. 

People continued to drink booze even though it had been banned, so law enforcement officials decided to adopt a new method of deterrence: death. Industrial alcohols made in the United States were poisoned at the behest of the government. The federal poisoning operation is thought to have resulted in the deaths of at least 10,000 persons by the time of Prohibition’s conclusion in 1933.