The Untold Stories


View Americans of African descent from a new lens.

why study african american history

American Congressmen of African Descent

Did you know over 2000 African Americans held political office during reconstruction?  This was before voter suppression.

There is a great deal of research to support that a more thorough understanding and appreciation of the contributions of Americans of African descent, diffuses racism and white supremacy propaganda, and also promotes self-esteem and positive identity, which fosters a greater interest in learning and higher academic achievement among African American students. 
Hopefully, we are nearing a 2nd reconstruction period. It is up to us the people to move our nation closer to justice, equity and liberty for all. We have voiced our intentions to do so, but more action is still required. The old order of corruption and oppressive government must be voted out. Leaders of integrity, intelligence, compassion, confidence, and strong leadership skills should be the basis of our focus to ensure a brighter future. Individual merit should be the character traits by which men and women are held accountable, rather than the color of ones skin, privilege, or national heritage.



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  • What's the fuss? Why is the history of early Africans here in America taboo?
  • What truths are being hidden from the American people?
  • Are Africans great unappreciated patriots?

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