Who was Huey Newton For Black Nationalism

Black Nationalism: Huey Percy Newton Born in 17 February, 1942 in Monroe, Luisiana, Newton moved with his parents to Oakland, California. Having graduated from high school with no
acquired literacy, he later earned his Bachelor’s degree
followed by a Ph.D from Santa Cruz’s
University of California (
In Bracks et al, 2014). On joining the Afro-American Association, Newton assisted in getting the
first African American History
course as Black Nationalism
in college curriculum. October of 1966 saw
Newton and Bobby Seale establish the Black Panther Party (BPP) for Self
Defense (In Bracks et al, 2014). Paul (2009) shows that Newton and the BPP set forth the political goals of the
organization in a document named the Ten
Point Program
that called for an end to military exemption and economic exploitation
in the Black communities.
Two examples associated with Newton were one, he advocated for
armed self-defense where BPP would patrol the streets with guns and draw them
against the police and drug dealers. Two, the Black Nationalism charter called
for decent housing, full employment and end of police brutality against the
colored community
. Huey Newton was fatally
shot on 22 August, 1989 by Tyrone Robinson (
In Bracks et al, 2014).