Basic American History Fact: The United States Of America Was Founded As A Federal Republic In 1789.

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Basic American History Fact: The most fundamental facts about the United States are that it is the world’s longest-lasting federation. There are 50 states in the United States, plus Washington, D.C., which is a federal jurisdiction. Located in the middle of Maryland and Virginia, this area, which contains the capital city, is an independent entity. Its 48 states are located on North America’s continent, between Canada and Mexico, and the capital city of Washington is not one of them. It is impossible to connect the two rest of the states to all the other 48. It’s Alaska in north and Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Basic American History Fact: On July 4, 1776, The Declaration Of Independence Was Signed Into Law.

There were thirteen British colonies along  Atlantic coast before the United States became a republic. In 1776, the United States declared independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776, in the midst of a successful war. The first 10 amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, were added to the Constitution in 1791.basic American history fact Over 300 millions of people now live in the United States. Although this is a huge figure, the United States does not have the world’s largest population — China and India are both larger.

Basic American History Fact: In 1442, Christopher Columbus Made His Historic Voyage To The New World And Discovered The Americas.

Most Americans would be able to recall that Christopher Columbus found the Americas if you questioned them about interesting facts about the country. It is true that Columbus discovered the continent during 1492, while on a Spanish voyage to find new trade routes, & that he had originally planned to travel to Japan. Basic American history fact, In spite of the 11th-century arrival of the Norse immigrants, Columbus’ voyage marked the beginning of the main European colonization of the continent. The Spanish were first Europeans to establish settlements in North & South America, but England, France, & the Dutch Republic soon followed suit.

Over 15,000 Years Of Human Habitation Have Been Recorded On The North American Continent.

Indigenous peoples had inhabited the continent for above 15,000 years prior to European colonization. In the period between 16,500 BCE and 13,500 BCE, Paleo-Indians from Eurasia arrived on the continent. The Bering Strait, which connects modern-day Siberia with Alaska, was thought to have served as a land bridge at the time. Basic American history fact, These indigenous people have been dispersed across the Americas for thousands of years. Some, like the pre-Columbian cultures along the Mississippi River, developed agriculture and established social structures. Many of these societies suffered greatly as a result of colonization, being subjected to European diseases, military incursions, and food shortages. One of the most painful aspects of American history is the toll colonialism took on the Native American people in terms of both lives lost and the loss of their culture.

Basic American History Fact: Battles For Independence From Great Britain Were Waged By The United States Of America.

History buffs will find a wealth of fascinating information on the early years of colonial rule in the United States. The British established 13 colonies just on Atlantic coast of America between 1607 and 1733. All of these colonies were located in the northeastern part of the United States: New Jersey; Massachusetts Bay; Pennsylvania; Delaware; Maryland; North Carolina; South Carolina; Connecticut; New Hampshire; Rhode Island & Providence Plantations; Virginia. There was a strong agricultural economy in each of these self-governing states that followed the same legal procedures.

There was no landed aristocracy or monarchy in these colonies, and more people were able to vote than in England. Others resented British Parliament authority because they viewed American culture as more equality than the British one. A need for more fairness was expressed in the phrase “no taxes without representation,” which became a rallying cry in the debate over taxation. These difficulties would culminate in the American Revolutionary War, which the country would go on to win.

First President Of The USA Was George Washington.

Basic American history fact: The fact that Washington, the wartime commanding officer of the Continental Army, was elected the country’s first president in 1789 is one of the most well-known

facts about the United States. Only he has ever received a landslide victory in an election, making him the first and only president to do so.

The United States Of America Grew In Size Due To Western Expansion.

Violence against Native Americans was rampant in the next century as the West expanded aggressively. The United States won several new states as a result of this programmed, which was often influenced by the assumption that Americans had been predestined to rule the rest continent.

Basic American History Fact: In 1861-5, There Had Been A Civil War.

Divisions between states began to emerge in the 19th century on a wide range of topics, including the economics, slavery, and state sovereignty. As a result, the North and the South went to war with in American Civil War (1861–65). Finally, Abraham Lincoln led the north to victory. After the war, slavery was abolished, which was one of the most significant changes brought about by the conflict.

Basic American History Fact: The Geographic And Faunal Diversity Of The United States Is Unparalleled.

A great deal of the history of the United States is intertwined with the geography of North America. A total of 2,959,064 miles of land straddles the 48 contiguous states of the United States. From dry deserts and windswept prairies to massive lakes and rivers, this land has it all. basic American history fact: The Rockies, the Appalachians, and the Sierra Nevada range are just a few of the world’s most recognizable and majestic mountain ranges that may be found in the United States. Bears, eagles, raccoon, alligators, sharks, deer, snakes, and mountain lions are examples of notable species that we associate with diverse regions of the United States and its waterways.

Basic American History Fact: Who Found The United States First?

basic American history fact

Christopher Columbus has a festival dedicated to him, yet he was not the first person to discover America. Some experts believe that Norse adventurer Leif Erikson deserves this distinction. On his four travels, the man we honor in October never set foot in the current United States of America. On an island in  Bahamas in 1492, as per Britannica ,Encyclopedia , he first set foot on dry soil. (Historians disagree as to the actual location of this island.)On three consecutive expeditions, he visited different Caribbean and South American areas, including Cuba, Hispaniola & the ,  Praia Peninsula or modern-day Venezuela, and even founded a colony of modern-day Haiti. The land that became the United States was never in his sights.