Who is James Forten about African American Slaves

James Forten Born free in 1766 in Philadelphia, he acquired his innovative sail handling techniques for African American Slaves under Robert Bridges. From the fortune he makes from his handling techniques, gives him an estimated $100,000 in the early 1830s and Forten used this fame and fortune to address the issue of slavery against the African American community (Figley et al, 2011). Palmer and Thomson (2006) show that over the years, Forten was interested in politics and this drove him to be avidly involved in campaigning for as well as supporting equal rights for African American slaves: African Americans, women’s suffrage and temperance. During his years, Forten became involved in organizing petitions that called for Congress to emancipate every slave (Palmer, & Thomson, 2006), a concern which made President Thomas Jefferson none too pleased with Forten advocating for slave’s emancipation. Forten’s activism was further acknowledged when he wrote and published a pamphlet that denounced Pennsylvania legislature for barring the freedom of the freed African American slaves from other states (Figley et al, 2011). Two examples associated with Forten were first, he used his great fame and fortune to help fellow African Americans to plead for the freedom of their fellow African Americans. Second, through his wealth, he also supported the right of women and antislavery groups to vote. On 15 March, 1842, Forten breathed his last (Figley et al, 2011).