African American leaders: Who Was David Walker

African American leaders: David Walker Born in 1797, David Walker was associated with vision and courage among African American leaders and activists (Boyd, 2010). By publicly demanding for the immediate end of slavery, Mr. Walker placed his life on the line in the newly formed US. The demands by Walker had a lasting influence throughout the struggles for racial justice and equal rights in the US. In his lifetime, Walker pushed other abolitionists to practice being radicals in the way they behaved and talked (Boyd, 2010). Following his ideas, majority of the subsequent African American leaders developed their leadership principles. Walker was best known for distributing pamphlets, David Walker’s Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World, which he used to make his passionate demand for the casting off the chains and the rising up from the slumber and affliction that bound the bodies and minds of the African American leaders (Boyd, 2010). Two examples associated with David Walker’s contribution are one, he urged slaves to engage in a freedom fight as a radical way of documenting movement associated with antislavery (Boyd, 2010). Two, Walker draws on slavery examples to attack Jefferson’s racism as well as to keep black slavery was inhumane and unbiblical. At the age of 34 years, Walker breathed his last in 1830 in Boston (Boyd, 2010).