African American community: William Edward Burghardt DuBois

African American community: Born in 23 February, 1868 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, DuBois’ new realization about slavery could not depress him and in fact, used it to combat race prejudice. He also used his new realization as a path towards discovering a way of achieving coherent persona for the entire African American community. The sociological studies by DuBois were pivotal in making investigation and data analysis crucial to sociological study at a time when majority of the studies existed in theoretical forms (Daniels, 2018). The studies further made known how it felt to be victims of racism. Borrowing from his book The Souls of Black Folk, Daniels (2018) further shows that DuBois introduced the double consciousness idea that taught African American community on the importance of considering the views of others as well as the perspective of the world more precisely that of the Caucasian, and the effect it had on their lives. Two examples of DuBois’ works were first, at the first Pan-African Conference, DuBois played a leading role in drafting a letter that asked European leaders to struggle against racism (Porter, 2012). Second, at the second National Negro Conference, DuBois suggested the use of the word colored people instead of black that would later be used to include dark-skinned people everywhere (Bass, 2009). DuBois finally rests at the age of 95 years in 1963.